After using Ninja Foodi for years, I’ve devised a resolution that if you’re a user of this appliance, you’ll come across Ninja Foodi common problems.

The Ninja Foodi pressure cooker problems are especially tough to handle. But as I’ve been using this appliance for years, now it’s easier for me to solve any problems, which I call Ninja Foodi troubleshooting.

So, why not share with you the ideas I’ve come up with? Then, you’ll not face what I’ve encountered all these years thinking about how to solve the issues with my Ninja Foodi.

What are we waiting for, then? Let’s jump right in with everything I’ve gathered so far.

What is a Ninja Foodi?

If you’re looking for a simple definition, then Ninja Foodi is a multi-cooker that can be used to cook food in nine different methods.

Yes! You heard it right. You can pressure cook, air fry, broil, dehydrate, slow cook, steam, crisp, saute, and boil the food in this one appliance.

However, because of multiple functions, there are a lot of instructions and methods to follow while cooking. For example, to air fry, you need a crisping lid. If you’re pressure cooking, then the pressure lid is necessary.

You can always cook without the lid if you’re going for a saute or simple roast. The timer and temperature can all be set using the buttons and display.

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Ninja Foodi Problems: All the Reasons Why

Even though there are several functions in a Ninja Foodi, other than some specific issues, you can face some common problems while cooking any of the methods.

However, with a bit of caution and practice, all these problems can be avoided. But before knowing how to fix it, you need to understand the issues and why they keep appearing.

Is There Trouble with Sealing?

Sealing issues are one of the most common problems that users face in Ninja Foodi. You’ll know there’s something wrong with the sealing when you won’t be able to seal the lid, and as a result, steam and water will keep escaping from all over the pot.

Now, this sealing problem can appear because of four different reasons. These are as follows –

  1. The sealing ring is damaged, broken, or not installed correctly.
  2. The pressure release valve is filled with dirt, or it’s not appropriately set at the sealing position.
  3. The lid is not closing because of stuck and greasy food debris, or the alignment needs to be corrected.
  4. The pot is either overfilled with ingredients or underfilled with less liquid.

ninja foodi pressure cooker troubleshooting

How Many Error Codes of Ninja Foodi?

Ninja Foodi shows different types of error codes whenever an inconvenience happens. The error codes display a variety of issues, which are essential to understand to determine the problem.

Because if you can crack the error codes and why they are appearing, the rest of the job becomes more manageable.

E01 Error:

This code appears whenever there’s any problem with the electrical connection of the device. Either too less or too much power supply might result in E01.

The E01 code indicates that there is an issue with the device’s electrical connection. It could be caused by a faulty power supply, a short circuit, or something else.


To fix the E01 error code, please check the device’s electrical connections and make sure that it’s properly connected and secure.

If the issue persists, contact an electrician to inspect the device and identify the cause of the problem.

E02 Error:

Whenever the Ninja Foodi overheats or the temperature sensor starts showing problems, the error code E02 keeps emerging on the screen.

This indicates that the temperature sensor is not working properly.


To resolve the E02 error code, unplug the Ninja Foodi and leave it for 15 minutes to cool down before plugging it back in.

Additionally, check if the fan is running properly and ensure all the vents are open and unobstructed.


This code indicates a pressurizing problem. E03 comes across the screen whenever the pressure is not building inside the Ninja Foodi or if the pressure is too much.

Usually, the reasons behind the pressurizing issues are the same as the sealing issues. Another reason might be not following the user manual for thoroughly using a pressure cooker.


To troubleshoot, first, check that all the parts are properly assembled and that the pressure release valve is clear of any blockages.

If all of these checks are okay and you don’t see any problem, your Ninja Foodi may need to be serviced to replace any defective parts.


Whenever the air frying lid is not closed, dirty, or damaged, this code shows up. It indicates that the air frying lid is not properly closed or something is blocking it from closing.


To fix this problem, Please ensure the Ninja Foodi air frying lid is securely and properly closed before using the Ninja Foodi again.

If the air frying lid is dirty or damaged, you should clean or replace it.


To signal that the crisping basket is not functioning correctly, E05 becomes visible on the screen. This can happen under three scenarios.

  • The crisping basket is dirty.
  • The basket is broken or damaged.
  • There’s an issue with the installation of the crisping basket.


  1. Make sure the connections between the crisping basket and the power outlet.
  2. Check the internal wiring of the crisping basket.
  3. If the crisping basket has any physical damage or is broken, it may need to be replaced.

After knowing yourself with this Ninja Foodi troubleshooting guide, you should be able to address any errors with your Ninja Foodi cooker and fix them quickly.

Can Excessive Heating Cause Error to Ninja Foodi Cooker?

Overheating is one of the problems that keeps appearing frequently. Because while cooking, either the temperature is set to be very high or the machine is being continuously used.

So, the overheating results in the automatic shutting down of the machine as a safety mechanism. There are some other reasons responsible for overheating. The reasons are:

  • When the device is plugged into an extended cord instead of a direct source.
  • The Ninja Foodi is being used under direct sunlight or heating elements.
  • The airflow or ventilation is not enough.
  • There’s greasy food buildup, stopping the device from passing air.

Do You Face Food Burning in Your Ninja Foodi?

This happens to me a lot, so I can tell if you’re a Ninja Foodi user, food burning is one of the common problems for you as well.

Sometimes, food gets burned and stuck inside the pot due to overcooking or high temperature. This can affect not only the recipe but also the cooker itself.

Food can also burn if you haven’t put enough liquid or mixed up the recipe by adding too much starch.

Are you Following the User Manual?

When I first started using Ninja Foodi, I often didn’t follow the recipe or the user manual thoroughly, thinking, what would happen?

Well, that was a mistake because I ended up overcooking, not locking the lid or seal properly, and even setting a higher temperature.

So, if you are not used to the manual yet, always double-check because every recipe and method is different.

ninja foodi air fryer troubleshooting

What are the Problems with Ninja Foodi Pressure Cookers?

To help you a bit more, I’m adding some additional problems you’ll only face while using the pressure cooker.

Power Supply Problem:

As electrical conditions might fluctuate, not connecting the device to a direct power cord can cause more trouble.

Also, if the electricity connection is not stable, the device may not be working at all due to safety precautions.

Steam Leaking:

Even after ensuring the lid is closed, sometimes steam leaks from the Ninja Foodi cooker when the gasket and rim are either broken or dirty.

To fix the steam leaking from your Ninja Foodi, replace the gasket and rim or make sure they are clean and free of any debris.

Issues with the Lid:

Whenever excessive pressure builds up inside the cooker because of using too much water or food ingredients, the lid gets stuck.

It can also happen due to the pressure release valve being broken.

Pressure not Building:

Most of the users complain that their cooker is not building enough pressure. This can happen due to many reasons. Such as-

  1. The gasket or pressure valve is damaged.
  2. The pressure valve is not installed or appropriately locked.
  3. There isn’t enough water inside the pot.

Steam and water escaping from the cooker:

Steam and water escaping at an unusual amount can happen for several reasons.

Which includes – damaged valves, clogged vent pipes,s or stuck food residues.

Faulty sensor:

The sensors of the cooker fail as well. Sometimes, without any issues, the cooker keeps showing errors.

This happens when the sensor itself is defective.

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Ninja Foodi Troubleshooting: How to Fix Errors

Now, here’s the part that will make it convenient for you to use your Ninja Foodi because not only will you learn how to troubleshoot Ninja Foodi errors but also how to avoid them.

Clean the sealing ring:

Always make sure to keep the sealing ring clean and intact. Simply remove the ring from the lid and wash it with warm and soapy water.

After using a sealing ring for six to twelve months, replace the ring. Because with time, the ring is worn out. Even if it isn’t, to get the best service, replace the ring.

Install the pressure valve properly and always keep it clean:

Ensuring it is sealed while cooking is a very important step. If it’s not installed correctly, just rotate the valve anticlockwise to lock it.

Also, using a small brush, clean the valve with warm and soapy water to remove greasy food debris.

Align the lid and clean the lid after every use:

To lock the lid correctly, match the arrow on the lid, then keep rotating the arrow unless you hear a clicking sound.

To clean a lid, use a damp cloth. And wipe off food residues after every use.

Maintain the maximum and minimum line:

There’s a maximum line for pressure cooking and a minimum line for air frying. Refrain from filling or underfilling the pot.

Use the appropriate amount of food ingredients and liquid.

Use a proper power cable:

Whenever you face power supply issues, stop using your Ninja Foodi immediately.

If the appliance is not starting, unplug it for a few minutes and then plug it in again. If it still doesn’t work, you must call in a professional.

Take short breaks between cooking:

To avoid continuous use, take 10-15 minute intervals between cooking.

If the device still gets overheated, let it cool down. Then start it again. Refrain from burning the appliance because it will reduce the performance rate.

Fixing overheating:

There are four easy steps to stop your Ninja Foodi from overheating.

  • First step: Use a direct and grounded power source, not an extension.
  • Second step: Then, using the device, keep it away from direct sunlight or any heating element. Keep at least a four to five-inch gap for airflow and ventilation.
  • Third step: Fill the pot following the maximum and minimum lines. Do not cross either line.
  • Fourth step: Remove every part of your Ninja Foodi. And wash them with warm water.

If you follow these steps, overheating problems will never occur while cooking.

Removing burnt food:

If you see burnt food inside the pot, you can easily wash the pot with warm and soapy water.

However, it’s always better to take precautions so that your food doesn’t burn in the first place. The steps are:

  • Always add enough liquid. Use more liquid if you see the sauce or the gravy is too thick.
  • Try to use less sugar and starch because they quickly get caramelized or scorched. You can also add lemon water or vinegar to counter the sweetness.
  • Try to avoid overcooking or setting a higher temperature, which is not mentioned in the recipe.

Using surge protector:

To protect your device from any kind of power up-down issues, use a surge protector because that will help to solve the problem against power fluctuations.

Surge protectors can also help to reduce energy consumption by allowing the Ninja Foodi cooker to switch off components when not in use.

Clean vent pipe:

Not letting the vent pipe get clogged is the key to ensuring water and steam don’t escape from the pot. To clean a vent pipe, first make sure it is disconnected from the pot.

Now, use a thin pipe cleaner to clean any dirt or debris out of the pipe. If the vent pipe is extremely clogged, please soak it in warm water and baking soda for an hour.

Call for a professional:

Whenever you see that the sensor, pressure valve, air frying lid, or rim itself is broken, it’s time to get help from a professional. Because tampering with the device yourself will worsen the problem more.

However, this situation can easily be avoided if you keep changing the valve, rim, and gasket every eighteen months.


If you’re planning on buying a Ninja Foodi or already using one, I’m pretty sure after reading this Ninja Foodi pressure cooker troubleshooting, it will be much easier for you to avoid every problem that might appear when using the appliance.

If I can do it, I’m sure you can as well. Remember to comment if my solutions help make your life a little bit easier.

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